I'm going to offer a healing technique I've been working on for the last 2 years. 

As I rarely tell people, I have chosen a neutral path in life. I do not force, I flow. I have found my neutrality lead me into a healer's path to remove energy that prevents clarity or peace. I have been using the void to assist in removing excessive, parasitic, and stuck energies from individuals - the void gets energy to transmute and the individual is less bogged down by unwanted energies. 

This type of work is one that will not be available on etsy or the store site (due to guidelines of no healing work), so I'm going to offer it at the metaphysical shop I read at on Thursdays Ascended Gifts . I will not offer it past 5pm in order to ensure there's enough energy at the end of the day for anyone who desires this service (and I don't rush it either). 

Voidal healing takes the excessive energies on your aura and transmutes them into neutral energies so you can "reprogram" the way you approach or deal with a situation. I only facilitate the removal of energies the person wants removed and help release them into a space where (if desired) it can be tackled from a more neutral (less emotionally charged) perspective. 

I will offer this as a requested service. I can do it distance wise. Thursdays are my "in person" days for now. This working only takes 15 minutes and at most 20 minutes so each session will cost $50. 

I hope some of you try this new offering!

Please feel free to come in and ask!