Divine guidance through Spirit. Open mind and heart toward all walks of life. 

Tarrien has been reading tarot since 2008. She started with the Tarot Nova deck and has acquired several decks since. Her favorite tarot deck is the Welcome To Nightvale Deck. She enjoys using decks of cards for divination that aren't necessarily used for that purpose as well.

Tarrien has picked up several other forms of divination over the years such as tea reading, channeling, scrying, and basic astrology. She keeps an open mind toward all belief systems and doesn't follow any set philosophy. 

Tarrien started reading for others through online forums and games. She eventually read on a street corner in Austin, Texas for a short time as an apprentice to a full time reader. She then decided to open an Etsy shop in 2012 for online readings and has continued to read online. She has also read at Ascended Gifts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a few years, until she had to move in 2020. She is still a welcome guest reader at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bastille Days festival.

Tarrien has used tarot and divination for years on herself as well as customers. All readings that are available through the shop have been utilized and tested for accuracy prior. If you have any concerns or questions toward readings, please feel free to use the contact form. All readings are done in a timely manner.

*By purchasing a reading, you energetically consent to me looking into your energy for the duration of the reading. All energy is released upon completion of the reading.

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