Welcome to January 2021!

Many of you will feel weird or like something isn't quite right during this month. Yet there won't be any clear source toward what's causing the strangeness. There will be an uptick in strange experiences and unexplainable events that may not be repeatable or even make sense when thought over. 

A push toward letting go this month will make a lot of us feel lost or like something's missing. Some people may start crying, but not be able to pinpoint why. Memories might replay over and over without ceasing until you personally make a point to acknowledge the information being shown. Sudden emotional bursts are likely, so try not to take things personally. Pain is a teacher, this teacher will be prevalent during January- even if there is no direct pain at the time. 

Eventually near the end of the month, there'll be some problems toward people and communication. It's more relieving than anything, as there's at least a source to put the emotions on, rather than just being hit with random feelings. The memories starting at the beginning / middle of the month should have the answers to what to do toward the end of the month. Take heed.