Card of the week starting January 10, 2022 is the Loop Reversed. 

By itself, this card signals the break of a long cycle. Something people have grown too accustomed to is going to shake up. For some, this will be a happier time, for others this signals a painful release of something they believe they're not ready to give up. 

This type of energy is transformative for this week. The kind of transformation that signals the end of a chapter and the start of the new. The only issue is once you make up your mind and move forward, you cannot go back to change the route you take. So be very certain on what it is that you're implimenting or removing from your life. 

The supporting cards for this week are The Libra, The Erase, and The Time. This is where the finality of the loop comes in. These cards ALL signal it's time for a significant shift. What's been going on is no longer acceptable. The Libra itself is a card of balance. Many people who are trying to "return to the way things were" are truly seeking the balance they felt they had prior. This week gives a sort of gentle insight, a perspective on how to get back to that feeling without self sacrificial action. The Erase is a card of finality. The end is here for a lot of situations that have gone too far for too long. The heart is highlighted to show that this is what's guiding you- some of you may need to break off from toxic connections or ideas that keep you stuck. The Last card is the Time Card- which states this has been a long time coming. If you've been waiting for something for an extended time- this is your sign that it's about to come to fruition. While hope has been incredibly difficult to hold onto- and even painful at times, the event that's been on pause for some time is finally coming to be. There will likely be other circumstances all pointing to the same solution- it's time to take that solution instead of trying to hold onto the stagnation. 

The Loop reversed can also signal the resurgence of an OLD idea that was discarded in the past for whatever reason. It's time to explore that path that was left untraveled, if you have one. This may also signal working on something to the point of realizing it's NOT worth investing into anymore. A cycle of misery you've been feeding can be let go, a powerful push in a better direction is really what comes to mind this week. 

If you've been waiting for a sign, this week may just give it to you. Just becareful to not run so fast you forget where you're going! Think of a side scrolling video game that locks off the left (where you came) once you pass certain points. Wrap up the loose ends and move forward, but not so quickly that you miss all your bonuses, coins, and powerups.  

While focus may not be as "ON POINT" as usual, this is a week to refresh your space and vibe. Some of us will feel like "ourselves" again. The true key here is to break a cycle first, then ease into the next chapter life has.

I hope you all get that blessing you've been seeking this week!