Card of the week starting March 21, 2022 is the 6 of Swords from the Welcome to Nightvale tarot deck.

The 6 of Swords is a quiet energy. While you may not feel the need to announce your moves, that doesn't make them any less significant. This is a week where a lot of people are finding a new or better opportunity. Release of that which does not feed or support life is a major theme.

The card itself shows a helicopter in the air flying overhead. There may be some insight given by removing yourself from the direct chaos and seeing it from a distance. Some of us don't allow ourselves to release pain without backing away from it significantly. Take some steps back and assess: Is this what you really want? 

Supporting cards for this week are the 6 of Wands, The Ace of Swords, and The Ace of Wands. When looking at the 6 of Wands, this signals a time of movement. One can no longer stay stagnant. The type of movement is that of "leveling up" in spiritual speak; but really, it's just an understanding of what you will no longer tolerate due to your previous lessons. Moving forward usually signals leaving others behind, yet it's not abandonment, it's a graduation ceremony. The Ace of Swords signals an internal struggle. The next steps are not without resistance, one may need to claim what they need- not sit around and wait for the better to start. Don't let your mindset talk you out of "good opportunities," such as promotions, love confessions, or seeing the world in a kinder light. The inner guidance of intuition is leading the way, give it some trust- as most usually kick themselves when they realize it's right. Last the Ace of Wands is a the reward at the end of the rainbow. A gift or reward is shining a beacon outward for you to find it- take the opportunity! Timing must be RIGHT for this beacon to shine, so don't get upset if it's not obvious at the start of the week. Conditions must be right, like the light of the firefly needs the dark for it to really shine, this beacon needs surrender. This light is trying to show you the way to that specific thing you seek. This energy only presents after complete surrender to a NEW process, not trying to make the old work for you anymore. So start integrating what you DESIRE into your world by becoming it, this is the way to manifest these amazing things you're seeking. The best way to start seeing results is to EMBODY the process needed to gain the desired outcome- this is a week where you need to allow this type of energy to flow. Resistance is natural, but flow brings the harmony needed to create a beautiful, appreciated, new process.

This week seems to be the rainbow appearing after a storm. This is a week where your lessons will be tested, so set those boundaries and be firm in what you allow. There's no need to be cruel, but don't allow others to walk over your needs or requests for their sake- you deserve better. Don't let the storm knock down your tree by helping- don't state "It's alright" when it's not! 

This is an empowerment week which points toward challenges and tests to ensure you're done allowing less than your worth. Harsh behaviors and last ditch efforts are likely- so when the disrespect amplifies, get your butt out of there! Don't let outside influences become an undoing- demoralization is strong but the inner fire will be able to shine the way out if you trust and follow it. 

Many of us may finally get a point we've been waiting for, one that's been promised for a very long time, but the opportunity hasn't quite manifested. Take the level up for what it is. This week is a "gift," but one must see the trial and pass for the real cake at the end. The trial will show you the temptation of other cakes, ones that look good, but in reality they're styrofoam with cake frosting. Be patient and wait for the REAL cake at the end, don't let your impatience lead you eating nothingness and not having room for the real sustinence. 

I hope you all find the gift at the end of the arduous path and claim it in confidence!