Card of the week starting October 18, 2021 is the Page of Pentacles

This week is focused on stability. The Page of Pentacles is no stranger to work, but can get intimidated easily when the project seems too big. 

The focus of this week is: if you want something done, and done to your needs, the best way is to do it yourself. It's fairly easy to see this page already has done some work as his field is sprouting, but to really get a GOOD crop- he still needs to participate in the process. What project did you start, but may be dragging your feet to finish? 

The supporting cards this week are 0 The Fool Reversed, 1 The Magician Reversed, and the 9 of Wands. Looking at 0 The Fool Reversed, we can see that we may be mildly disenchanted with our circumstances. Too much realism (pessimism) tends to be a slayer of dreams and hopes. It's time to re-evaluate why certain ideas or plans have been tossed carelessly aside. It has become the time to dust these ideas off and work with them again. 1 The Magician Reversed states that the real way to your goals and dreams is through personal effort. Sometimes the Magician can just make things fall into place- this week it's your turn to make things work; which may include Macgyvering some results. It's time to work with that mildly uncertain feeling instead of hoping for the right things to happen. Last we see the 9 of Wands energy- which has a lot of internal concerns. What could've been done better, what needs to be altered, etc... Don't get so caught up in these details that you forget to work on your main ideas. Sometimes people don't realize they're sitting on their hands because they're trying to edit while in the process of their creativity- let it flow or you may just run into why you stopped in the first place. This 9 of wands is too concerned with what didn't work that it can become a burden down the road, this is your signal to let go of "could'ves" and "should'ves" - work with the present energy you have available. This is your chance to FIX the issue or just circumvent it entirely.

Overall, while it may seem like a disempowered week, it's actually the opposite. This week tries to show the flaw in our desires, so we can get to actual work on them. Everyone wants to be praised for their work, but there is no praise for standing still. The ability to move returns for many people who have been stuck in place. 

The key here is to make sure you're tending to what needs attention when it arises. Distractions are still plentiful, but that doesn't make a "distraction" unimportant- take care of what comes up when it comes up! The page's crop has some time before it's time to harvest, so take the breaks to make sure you're well exercised or to ensure your pet isn't destroying your living room in distress. Ignoring the thing in front of your face just creates more regret long term. Do what you can to create the actual result without sacrificing your quality of life

This page feels very much like a "reset point." If you sold things to the vendor you wish back, this may be the week to run back to get your precious item, before it gets sold to someone else. This is your time to go back and revive something from the past. Take your chance as this opportunity can get harder to reclaim down the line. 

The energy presented is a Page- which shows that this still doesn't require 100% perfection on your part. Allow yourself to navigate at your own pace and research what you're unsure about. Be open to learning as the lessons you take this week will carry forward to benefit long term endeavors. Just make sure you WEED OUT what no longer applies as you move forward. 

I hope you all find the potential of your harvest worthwhile this week!