The Weekly energy starting June 27, 2022 is The Mist. This card states that things aren't quite as "cut and dry" as usual. This type of energy needs space to unfold- so it may not be wise to act too hastily or shoot it down before you get to actually interact with it. 

The energy feels very "Let it UNFOLD," rather than to react. There's an intuitive sense that things are "okay" as well with this week. Yes, it could definitely be better, but there's something needed coming to the surface. It will require space and an open mind- whatever this is. 

This is a good week to practice mindfulness. Let your mind be aware in its tasks; rather than, forcing your mind to run a never ending to-do list. There's some sort of mental peace that's necessary, and if we're in a frenzy or panicked- this will take longer with more emotional dips. This isn't a "cheer up it could be worse" energy, it's more of an improvement that requires openness. Let the uncertainty show you a different path / option.

The mist is indicative of the UNKNOWN. We're walking into an unknown area this week. This is where patience takes a bit more nuance- you will need to be aware of how things are shifting, changing, and moving in order to keep up. The only way to do this will be through ACTIVE OBSERVANCE. Read the room, but don't stop after the first glance. There's a need to be more aware- and through this comes a sense of peace. You may even find that your distastes are more motivated by societal "talking things down" than your own feelings. Let yourself explore where you've been apprehensive to venture, because when else?

While this week doesn't necessarily say much, it does encourage the collective to explore an unknown. Start moving within this unknown. There's something more to it. Let yourself not "know" the outcomes to your actions this week and explore because you WANT to. 

I hope you all find a joy you never realized you wanted this week!