The card of the week starting February 28, 2022 is the Knight of Pentacles Reversed from the Tarot Nova Deck. 

The Knight of pentacles reversed states that something needs to be undone or reversed. There will be no progress forward with where this all has been going. A knight of pentacles moves slowly, but reversed takes the scenic route into places he never intended for himself to go. 

Supporting cards this week are the Queen of Cups Reversed, The King of Pentacles, and the King of Swords Reversed. The Queen of Cups Reversed has a very uncomfortable set of circumstances. No avoidance is really going to "solve" the issue. This is about tackling things head on. Certain people are still teetering in the safety of their comfort bubble, yet are unhappy in this bubble. It's time to move into discomfort- not as a punishment, but for personal growth. The King of Pentacles states that the rewards for stepping out of the comfort zone are clear. Take it. It may be a time where all you can do is SHARE resources with those with less at this time. Resources are key right now- where they go and how they're utilized. Last we see a King of Swords Reversed. This king thought they were doing the right thing- there is no RIGHT THING at this point. It's time for them to retreat or increase pressure- there is no "waiting around" for this king. Do or die mentality is likely with this king connected to this reading. Choices made in desperation or in unclear mind will cause worse consequences for this king, yet for his own glory may go that route to wave around his might. 

This is a pretty clear reading. Y'alls. Do what you can even though we're all in a not great state of mind. Uplift those around you, even if you're not fully in the mood- it'll help everyone in the long term. Seek the helpers and be part of the helpers. 

Emotional energy is going to be low while things aren't great. Tend to yourself and others as best you can. Emotional work is the MAIN need this week. Do what you must, as there's little option for rest or retreat for those who are NOT the king of swords reversed. If you need a space to go- please seek refuge with those willing or ready to protect you. If need be, ask a friend- even if they're distant, it's better than nothing at all. Many people would rather a friend or passerby safety than not.

Those with extra funds or resources are encouraged to share the bounty. The King of Pentacles is an abundant resource or financial backing, it's time to better distribute these things. We may see an influx of supplies, resources, or finances start flowing in a way we haven't seen in decades with this influence prominently upright in this reading. 

Sometimes the only way forward is to back up and adjust. Beware if the King of Swords suddenly withdraws but doesn't make his intentions clear. This is the biggest red flag of the week ahead. 

This is your time to back up, adjust to the circumstances, and continue forward as best you can. These are NOT ideal circumstances, but they are important for self growth. Some of us have babied ourselves into stagnation- get out of that mindset and start moving again. Adjust your personal approaches! There are ways out of the painful cycles that have begun. 

May you find your light in the darkness this week.