The card of the week starting March 14, 2022 is 0 Columba from the Constellation Deck. 

This week brings the sought out olive branch. It's time to let go of past ideas, thoughts, feelings- especially ones that keep you stuck and unhappy. This week it's time to start fresh. See potential without judgment of the old. 

This card is the equivalent to the 0 Fool card in usual Rider Waite Decks. Consider this the starting point of a NEW journey. You may have some good experience of the past, but don't bring in the mentality of "it'll never work" without giving things a try first. This is a week to explore POTENTIAL, not knock it down!

Supporting cards for this week are V Centaurus, II Sirius, and the Six of Swords Reversed. When looking at V Centaurus- the equivalent to the Heirophant, we need to seek where deep wounds are and heal them. This is our favorite star centaur, Chiron who was known for his ability to heal. The ability to heal can be difficult or painful, but it is far more painful to keep the wounds open, heavy, or ignore them to the point of spreading in unconscious parts of our systems. Confront that heaviness, see it for what it is, and simply allow it to exist. The more it gets pushed to subconscious places, the more havoc will spread without 'cause.' It's time for many of us to step into the discomfort of LOVING OURSELVES without condition- even if you don't look the way you wish, you can be lovable! II Sirius is the support from the universe. If you notice yourself feeling more "intune" or easier to predict that which is around you, you're on the right path. The divine is going to be at work this week. Trying to shove our stubborn faces away from pessimism and misery back into our joyous selves. While it may seem aggressive, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Many who don't wish to "be better" will find that's exactly what they get- stagnation. If you're ready to move, spirit will help you move! Working with spirit will be very strong this week, don't ignore the call! Last we see the Six of Swords reversed, these are the unhealed who wish to move in their misery. The first step of healing is BELIEVING YOU CAN BE HEALED. Those closed off to their own healing will not move forward and remain. Do you wish to be uncomfortable for a short time for better? Or do you wish to remain in the known and stick to a status quo? Consider this deeply, especially when divine information seems "too good to be true." Let yourself have good conspiracy theories about life- working things to your favor and you will start seeing the benefits.

Let stragglers come to their own healing- resistance is to be expected when society allows the sick to sit in their pain without love. Patience is necessary, as well as compassion for these people. Those who do not wish to heal may not see themselves as worthy of healing or have been hurt so deeply from trust that they will not be able to give into this new narrative. It's okay. Let them come to love on their own time, all you can do is bestow love and care in a gentle way. 

Overall, this week sounds really lovely. Yet, I do feel this will be a painful realization week. Healing is not without pain- as anyone who's had a papercut knows, even the smallest of cuts can be immensely harmful. Give yourself time to let things scab over, rebuild, and start new.

Let yourself cry over the old; let yourself release the internal pain locked inside those painful mindsets.  While society wants the individual to be "correct" all the time, learning is the real key to life. If you are not learning, you're resisting change which will lead to stagnation. Answers and facts change all the time, as many millenials will tell you that Pluto is a planet- whether or not science wants to state it is. This is one of those moments, we will need to shift on a collective basis this week. Something very pertinent and psychic is at work this week. Even if it's only in dreams, the psyche will guide the individual. So don't force the process on those lingering behind, they're already getting the information- they just need to believe it to integrate it! Belief does not happen from FORCE- so let it happen gently to those who are resistant. 

Columba brings an olive branch. A signal of hope. A dove, which was famously used in the story of Noah to find dry land. Once returned the dove had an olive branch in it's mouth. Be ready for your dove you set out seeking hope, it is COMING BACK THIS WEEK! Whether you applied for a job, are trying something new, or feel a new perspective rising- let yourself be open to something positive this week. Don't shoot it down thinking it's an attack! Let yourself accept this gift of the dove- goodness is not far off.

I hope you all are able to accept this gift and perspective incoming!