So, I suppose some of you may ask, what is Voidal healing anyways? Why and how does it work. 

So what do I mean by "void/ voidal?" 

Essentially, in the universe, we live in the area of "everything." I am utilizing spaces of nothingness that are requesting ANY energy for use. I essentially tear open a portal to "recycle" the energies given to it. This is how your "excessive energies" are utilized.  It goes through void and transmutes into other energies. Because void and source are linked energies, much like life and death, one could also consider this a form of giving source more energy to be more "present." It's like clearing a point in emotional time that needs to stop talking to you about stress when you're just trying to relax. 

What can you expect after the void work is done?

A Lighter body. Less stress. Feeling a lot safer and calm. Feeling more present or clear. Mind opening to new options. Lucidity in life. Better sleep. The Severity of life feels less.

What intention does this void work serve?

Essentially it's the removal of energy leaks, emotional burdens, mental strains, stress from the day that's not being shaken off. It was used in a severely difficult situation to keep a fresh outlook without the stresses of yesterday becoming a complete dead weight to carry forward. This is a healing that gives you an energetic clean slate. 

Any warnings about this work?

 The one catch to this healing to KEEP the VIBE going as long as possible : Do not return to the stressors that created the need to be cleared if possible. It's understandable to enjoy this "clean energy," but to maintain it, one must also find the strength to seek happiness afterward. It's also very helpful for those in difficult circumstances to release their current stress- but if those circumstances are unable to change- the vibe will wear off upon the next upset. I'd rather people know this work is HELPFUL, but not a SOLUTION to any specific issue. I have also been told that people can physically feel the energy I pull out and remove, it does not create pain, but it can be interesting for those who are sensitive to energy.

When is the best time to get void work done?

When one needs to get out of their head / energy because it's too stressful / the cycle isn't changing but a form of mental / emotional relief is needed.

Voidal healing is a technique of energy healing which clears INCONSEQUENTIAL energies from an individual or space. Burdens which slow us down, knot and tense the body. Chains of immobility are removed to create freedoms. Parasites are removed from vampiric situations and draining experiences. Futile emotional loops are SETTLED down (but can be stirred by going back into that energy if the healed so chooses*). Energy sent by jealous folk is removed and transmuted into aligned energy for you. There is a sense of peace and lightness that come through once completed.  

Just remember, 

Experience is necessary to having full knowledge, so come try it out.