Card of the week starting April 18, 2022 is The Jump.

The jump is a card of transition, consider it very close to Temperance. That which falls away was excess. There is plenty with this card. Consider where you WANT to go NEXT this week, and this energy will carry you there quickly. 

The supporting cards for this week are the Shadow Reversed, The Wood Reversed, and The Light. When looking at the Shadow reversed with the Light upright - there's a balancing happening. In order to gain the true happiness of life, the shadows that follow must be dealt with- this could also signal a large look at shadow work in general- where it's easier to deal with the past than it has been in the past.  Too much shadow has traversed the path- with weight on your shoulders, it's time to find more light and joy again. This balance has gone far too dark, and now it's time for there to be more light. Too much of either becomes blinding in their own way. Can't see in the dark, and you can't see after staring directly into light- you must appreciate the balance of both to truly see what is! Let some happier thoughts seep in, hopefulness, or even just letting yourself enjoy small moments you'd be too apprehensive to in other circumstances. This is a great time to break out of comfort zones, as the light is trying to show the way out. The Wood Reversed has our hearts in a vulnerable position as well, which aids in pushing toward happier lives in general. Seek where your heart sings and the light feels warm this week. 

This may also be a signal that the seasons are changing quickly, from winter's bleak miserable days into more lively Spring vibes. 

Overall, this week has a FAST energy to it. The Jump happens overnight. The shift may be mildly surprising, yet welcome. The jump doesn't force long extended lessons, it just puts the prize in front of you and waits for you to show initiative. There's a sense of limitation being withdrawn, where freedom to be and exist as desired is pushed. There's no reason to hide the love in your heart, there's little to hold you back this week from what you truly yearn for yourself. 

The question is, where do you want to go and how much will you put into it? 

I hope you all have a very good shift into the light this week.