Card of the week starting April 11, 2022 is the 10 of Cups Reversed from the Tyrian Tarot Deck. 

This week has a mild "wish granted but at what cost" vibe. This may be a victory, but it may not feel like one at all times. Sometimes the wish you focused on wasn't what you anticipated. This has a vibe of getting something you want, but with a catch involved... that genie's wish, the monkey's paw, whatever you wish to call it- that

Supporting cards this week are III Empress Reversed, XVIII The Moon, and the King of Swords Reversed. The Empress Reversed shows a sense of being caught off guard or not being at our best. We may be gaining a blessing, but not be anywhere prepared to handle it. This isn't to say, you're not doing your best- but sometimes that lost puppy we bring home reminds us that the responsibility is far out the scope of what we thought it would be like to own it. The Moon shows that this new set of circumstances may not be easily pushed off. Be prepared to do what you need to for the long term to make this work- not just seeking short term solutions or easy fixes. Finding ways to make peace with a "new" aspect will be helpful this week. The Last card is the King of Swords Reversed which has a mild bittersweet feeling to it. There's a sense of being able to stop being so tense or stressed out about the little things. The puppy mentioned earlier brings a blessing that wasn't anticipated as a need- but becomes one immediately for the owner. This is very much along the lines of the father who doesn't want the pet- but the pet loves him best. Sometimes, the person who needs the blessing needs the chaos that comes with it to understand the full extent of their own needs. Sometimes we don't realize that the companionship lacking in our lives can be filled with a chaotic husky or a new friend that opens our hearts in a way they've been closed off for far too long. 

This week brings a chaotic blessing. The 10 of cups is a blessing, but it may not be fully controllable when reversed. The water may spill, but the key is to focus on what didn't spill and drink from those cups instead of lapping at the carpet hoping to get a drop of what was "missed." Take the blessing, but be prepared for the consequences of the burden it holds. 

This is a good week to seek emotional stability through habits or rituals if you're easily frazzled. Take care of the immediate needs as they arise, but try to keep your habits in order- self care will be necessary. 

I hope you all find your blessing is worth the chaos!