The card of the week starting May 16, 2022 is 50 Arval Parrot Reversed. The card itself shows a funny little fella pointing right at his throat. His throat lights up with his intention which carries into his message. Speak up and don't hold back, as tempting as it may be to let it slide this week. But be mindful in the way (and  toward whom) you deliver your message, as it's easily misconstrued by those who are devoted to misunderstanding you. 

With Mercury Retrograde in full swing, this type of energy is to be expected. His ability to communicate is reversed this week. Those that should be listening, may find themselves too busy in their own heads to realize the solution is being given to them on a silver platter. "I told you so" could be a common feeling/ remark at the end of this week, especially toward those too devoted to their misery to realize there's possibilities. 

The supporting cards this week are 28 Penelope the DreamWeaver reversed, 62 Glanconer Reversed, and 36 Spirit Dancer. When looking at 28 Penelope The DreamWeaver Reversed, this lends itself to creating a "nightmare," because of a problematic belief. There should be a clear shot presented, but internally, it's easy to feel like it's "too easy / simple." Beware of overcomplicating the process or FORCING a process that you're not quite ready for. This is a good time to use your words to let others know where you feel "lost" or "unsure" of the process. This can also signal disfunction toward where personal needs and creativity meet- sometimes creative juices need experience to get them flowing again, don't lock yourself in your dungeon, until you get inspired! Let yourself out! Even if you feel like you're stuck in a corner, the true issue this week is you're not willing to see that you're alone in this room- the only thing keeping yourself in this corner is yourself! Next we see 62 Glanconer Reversed. This energy is very similar to that of inspiration, when reversed we may find our motives or ideals problematic to reality. Glanconer is a very passionate energy, which reversed can put passion in the wrong places or find themselves longingly staring at a love only to be blinded by beauty. Beware of setting yourself up for failure with this card. Don't call that terrible ex-lover, because you're lonely! While you may mean well, or be acting out of habit, make sure you take full responsibility for your actions and words. If you can't, don't interact! Last we see 36 Spirit Dancer, who is free, light, and joyous. There is a light at the end of this week! After navigating such difficulties, you will find helpful personal growth. Spirit Dancer goes where they desire, inspiring themselves and others to enjoy things to the fullest. Let yourself dance with the universe's energy, don't try to force paths that you know deep down are out of desperation or insecurity. It's okay to not have every answer, and sometimes dancing can bring them forward. The key to this week is to allow for spontaneity, and to let yourself flow.

A few extra notes this week.

Keep your intentions clear. If you can't communicate clearly, wait until you can (if possible)! 

Don't force or fall into problematic cycles or connections. If you have to interact with a problematic person: Be blunt, curteous, and don't let them get you into a state of influence. If you need to complete a deadline, go for it, but don't do things for the sake of doing things! Artists, I'm looking at you specifically- don't force your flow this week. Reinspire yourself, if it isn't flowing!  If you know you're on the edge of burn out, take a rest!

One of the big key elements here is- big conversations or big decisions should wait until there's enough confidence behind the intention to follow through! Don't force things. Seriously. Do. Not. Force. Things. If someone blows off conversation, don't try to make them see it your way- let them learn the lesson you had to through their own experience. It's not always about "right or wrong," sometimes it's about the experience. 

The blessing this week is a freeing energy flow.

You may find your energy is best utilized with a mild risk that sets your heart free. It's okay if you don't feel 100% ready or prepared. There's energy showing a bit of "dragging" this week to get started, but it's necessary for true inspiration. Let yourself rest until you're ready. But do eventually try. Don't talk yourself out of your blessing from fear or disbelief.

Melancholy will be a hovering detriment. Some of us have habitually fallen into the trap of "not enough," that is rampant in today's society. Beware of talking yourself out of your blessings to keep a unwelcome, normal, comfort zone.  Start taking steps out of the box of "meh." Get out of your head! Lack of effort because of projected "not enough" thoughts will never solve the issue. Start picking apart the thoughts, as uncomfortable as they are, and heal the naysayer within. It's time to believe you can be anything / anyone again.

This week is definitely a Mercury Retrograde lesson for a lot of us. Let it teach you the way to freedom, or you may just find yourself caged in your head.

Have the best week possible~