As I've been considering my pricing and how I price things, I have come to the conclusion that the ONE CARD reading was priced too low to the rest of the readings I offer. As each time I do a reading, I usually devote at least ONE HOUR to it- be it mental prep, translation, proof reading, understanding the root of the querent's concern and photo. 

While I dislike raising my lower prices, let alone doubling them, I do see that leaving the ONE CARD reading open, as is, creates a price discrepency toward the CUSTOM READING and other readings my shop offers. 

This issue has been on my mind for far too long to allow it to slide. So I have raised the price of the ONE CARD READING to match the amount of work that's put into it. Thank you so much for understanding. 

The Past, Present, Future reading has had it's price raised as well to match demand and work. I don't feel the readings like the compatibility or the strength vs weakness reading take as long as the past, present, future reading. The thing about the Past, Present, Future reading is it mildly demands more psychic work and investigation than the other two readings. I know EXACTLY what I'm reading for the Strength Weakness reading and the Compatibility readings, while the energy for a Past Present Future reading requires a bit more nuance. 

I hope this clears up any confusion or concern over prices!