Weekly Energy update starting July 11, 2022 is The Little RX. 

This energy is very used to being underestimated or completely looked over. It's time for these energies to RISE from the ashes they've been buried in by the careless and/or cruel. 

This card shows personal growth. Victories may vary, but there absolutely is a "win" with this energy in play. Some of us may start putting ourselves more out there, others may set a necessary boundary with someone unreasonable, a potential that needs exploration may open a door you never knew you needed - the options are plenty. 

There is a catch to this energy: It's hella uncomfortable. This is breaking out of a comfort zone or pre-established energy. It can be scary to walk on uncertain ground, but it will be better than staying in the alternate option. Assert yourself and your needs, especially if you're getting walked over.

This is a good week to ENCOURAGE others to move forward, test the waters, or break out of a comfort zone. Don't force nor project- let the individual decide. Let others see and explore new options. Even if a first attempt sucks, remember it's just a first attempt, you can always try again.

The big key here is "You been ready." While you may feel you may need extra time or information, the reality is, you've been ready for a long time. This can be a big confidence boost AFTER the result, but during the process it's going to be difficult. Take the steps, you'll be glad you did even if they're a lot to deal with in the moment. 

I hope you all find the spark you need to ignite your powerful flame this week.