Weekly Vibe Check has brought forth The LOCK Reversed.

 Interestingly enough, if you look back a few weeks (June 5-12) we had the Lock upright. When the lock is REVERSED,  it means there's an "unlocking" or a path where there wasn't before. 

The time has come for a significant shift away from the pained and flawed ways of the past. Even though the door is open, there may be some hesistation, especially from those that believe that their way is the only way. Many of us are worn out and may seek ways around this path forward, wishing for their energy to return prior to making the choice. The funny thing is, the way one regains their vigor is through this path, so it may become a circular issue for some. 

Certain blocks may come to the surface, not to harm or torture you- but to clear them out. Acknowledge, grieve, and release. There's no reason to sit in regrets when new options are showing potential remedies to the issue. Start allowing alternative options rather than staying within a zone of known discomfort for the sake of the discomfort. It's time to seek something more fulfilling, more sustainable, and overall much more pleasant than what has been thrown at the collective for some time. 

This may open the door to new experiences or situations that may not have been believed possible prior. Take things at your own pace, but avoid harmful actions or words while this shift is underway. Harmful words or actions may find a way to haunt you later... avoid that can of worms if it's within your control. Let yourself seek NEW experiences to live out rather than dwelling in the wrongs of the past. Self empowerment may seem much more active this week as well- mantras of power, supportive quips, and actions of love will go further than usual. 

This week- have an OPEN MIND. The mind, while chaotic, is still a part of you and tries to work in your benefit. Work through difficult emotions, ideas, or scenarios if and when they reach you. Let your mind heal through acceptance of the events of life-not fight based domination of the scenarios you've already lived. Breathe. No one comes out victorious every single interaction, and this is a needed acceptance. 

I hope whatever is unlocked for you is healing and blessed!