This week's energy is the Firey Reversed from the Clow Deck. 

There's a slow down happening this week. People aren't quite as invested as they could be. There could be a larger reason, but for now- the microcosm of this reading shows people are demoralized or not as inspired as they could be. 

This is probably not the best week to schedule any impromptu work specifically toward vanity. There's a sense of the job is done, but it may not be the best job that could have been done. So if you want something done right AND it can wait- pass on the work until the morale rises again. Seriously. If it CAN wait, let things wait- don't rush or force the flow.

Distractions seem to be swirling and it's that much easier to become engrossed into small things without trying. There's a sense of needing to find purpose / passion/ motivation. The problem is: many people are not in a field that sparks their inner joy because $ dictates that passions must either be profitable or you should give up on them, especially when you don't feel confident enough to be something "impressive" or instagramable (Or never share them). The focus of the collective is shifting more toward finding one's personal joy versus what can make money. 

Those of you who wish to "balance out" the laziness/ sloppiness that will be associated with the oncoming vibe- have a much larger task ahead of you than you realize. I actually recommend to take a back seat and let the week pass before trying to touch things. Your efforts will likely fall flat or not be appreciated to the extent necessary to make this worthwhile for you. 

If the macrocosm decides to throw an event to afflict the microcosm: Please remember to take care of yourself first before extending all of your efforts elsewhere. It's far easier to pour from your cup when there's water to spare. Significant changes may take time to heal or shift into- so don't be too hard on yourself if it feels difficult.

I hope you all take it easy this upcoming week and share kindness when you can