The energy for this week is the JUMP card from the Clow Deck 

This reading is intended to span August 8, 2022 until August 14, 2022.

This week has a lot of ENERGY waiting to be used. Hiding will not be enough, as this energy will simply stir, until you react. Some of us needed to be in position before it was time to leap, so do not feel "late to the party" if something suddenly clicks into perfection this week (yet you feel it could happened earlier/ realized this path sooner).

The key to really thriving with this energy is to LOOK where you're leaping. You don't need to worry, so much about the arrival or landing- but you do need to start seeking the direction you wish to pursue. If the universe has asked you to TRUST and jump without a landing pad- trust that inkling of when it's RIGHT and GO! You may just find that you've just been given wings that need to be spread in this type of situation.

This can be as simple as being in the right place, right time- or just let things flow. This is very changeable energy, so don't be too quick to settle : a new better option may present itself. 

Move forward. Don't get stuck with the familar. There's a sense that the familar has become toxic and it's time to move on (DON'T LOOK BACK! DONT LOOK BACK AND GIVE TOXIC PAINFULNESS THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT!)

With such a push this week, take heed that this may come off as karmic. Those that have been pushing suffering on others will have a rude wake up call. We need to rise, not sink at this point. Those that are rising from the ashes will notice this shift a lot more than those just trying to keep the status quo running. 

I hope you all find the blessings this week encouraging!