Card of the week starting April 4, 2022 is Inspiration Reversed from the Marseille Oracle Deck.

This week has a burnt out energy to it. Many of us need a moment of peace, time with friends, or just to be able to unwind in a way that isn't pressured. Seek a reset for your energy- not a 10 minute break to cry in the bathroom, a FULL reset through a day off without expectations. Don't take this energy lightly because the longer you try to push, the less inspired you will be- potentially to the point of inaction with mental screaming to "DO THE THING." Let yourself "not."

The supporting cards for this week are Friendship, Reflections, and Hardwork. When looking at Friendship, this is a push toward making sure you're staying connected. You may get that feeling to call / text/ or write to a friend this week, it's encouraged that you do so. This is a good week to do friendship maitenance, hang out, or just have a good talk. Those that have loose ends in friendships may feel inspired to heal those or create a space of conversation. Reflections may have us in our feels this week as well. Thinking about where and how we want to go from the past to the next step. Many of us are in a phase of transition- so release and seek new opportunities when this comes around. You may want to let go of certain feelings, situations, jobs, etc more than usual this week- just be sure you have a back up plan if you're going to do anything drastic. Last looking at Hardwork, this is an EARNED time of rest. Some of us are burnt out from pushing too hard. This is a week where being cruel to yourself won't make the situation any better. True rest and relaxation are necessary- that involves radical acceptance that "standards" of today are not considering "human limitation." Stop being upset at yourself for not fitting in the system and start looking as to why you're burning out in the system over and over again.

This is a week where pushing just gets frustrating. The narratives that have been problematic are in question. Stop trying to be the scape goat, and start asking why you can't even mentally allow yourself free time. 

Friendships may give you a better perspective on HOW much you're REALLY doing. Gaslighting has been strong recently, someone may just adjust your view on yourself through an outside look. A friend may also re-inspire you in a way you hadn't realized you needed. This is a great time to catch up or reach out to someone who's been on your mind to give yourself a break from the grind. 

There's a sense of "extra time" or "spare time" that hasn't been quite as abundant as it will be this week. Let yourself sort out thoughts, feelings, or loose ends that are flying in the wind. You may realize a few things weren't quite as you thought they were when you flip back. Let yourself see the reality for what it is, but accept that there is NO CHANGING THE PAST. You can only influence the present and minimally the future- so stay present if you start digging to harmful places that are triggers for self criticism- why are you going to attack your past self for doing the best they could at the time with the information they had?  There's only so much that can be done "correctly" in life, ain't no reason you need to be perfect or all-knowing.

Focus may be harder to harness or use this week for "work." Be aware that some of your energy needs to be used on enjoyment in this lifetime, even with all the badness of the world. You need to create your own joy. ACTIVELY Work on bringing yourself joy this week. 

Inspiration is at a LOW because we're all BURNT OUT. Don't force. Don't get angry. Accept that you're not fully on your game. Let yourself work when you have the burst of inspiration or flow, but also follow through on "hints" and "signals" to reach out.

Give yourself space to rest. Let yourself find happiness through activity or time in nature. True friends will help you see things from a clearer perspective. 

LAST MINUTE EDIT: As I was putting the deck away, I noticed one card was left behind. Prudence. This is your sign to NOT push what isn't working for you. Take the break guys. Seriously, prudence isn't necessary for this week! Let yourself fall off the bike and stay off it until YOU want to get back on. Don't force what isn't working.

I hope you all find time for yourself to enjoy life this week.