While things are not 100% perfect, life feels normal enough for me to start readings again. 

I believe part of my issue is I really struggle to separate myself from "doing" the serious tarot / spiritualist thing all the time at all times. I tend to burn myself out completely and need a complete disconnect for a time. People-ing felt overwhelming until recently.

 So while on break, I decided to play a bit in my own imagination and create some art. The image included is that art. While it's weird and mildly upsetting, I do feel art and creative expression are fully necessary when the mind is too bogged down. I've actually been discouraged often, but I feel like maybe... with how whacked out everyone got from the last few years, there may be more appreciation for the oddness vibes I like to play in. 

Thank you for being patient during such times.  

This Sunday : Vibe Checks Return 

Have a great week!