Weekly Vibe Check starting October 3 is the Thunder Reversed!

Thunder being upright would signal being in the midst of chaos and usually something created by an environment rather than a single source, when reversed, the chaos comes from within. 

This week may prove challenging to those who aren't fully in control of their own energy / emotions. Sometimes, we really don't know or understand the way or why we do the things we do, where these odd patterns started or what influences really pushed them. Motive may not be black and white- so don't assume it was planned or pushed for you to take on those habits. The key to the puzzles will hinge on allowing yourself the grace of understanding, while also not demonizing yourself (or others). You may need to go deeper than just "yourself" in this and see what influenced that which influenced you- shadow / generational work is here and you're going to need to chew on it a while to really get the full picture.

 When facing confusion, even if it won't feel like it at the time- this is the CORRECT route to take. It's time to clear inner confusion and understand where it stems from. The questions that give you more questions will start opening doors you didn't know were there. Answers may tend to be far more complex than what was originally believed about certain situations. Take all new information slowly and DO NOT RUSH others to see what you do about the situation, especially if others were involved. Even if you realize, you need to apologize : Do not rush or force this process, there's so many layers to dig through which may show you that neither party was fully in the clear. 

Personal energy may seem less or harder to harness. Sleeping will be all the more difficult, as most of these themes will pop up when the mind is quieting down enough to process this information. It's not about the "now," but about the "what lead up to now." It may be wise to allow yourself more "alone" or "personal time" so you may be able to rest a bit easier. Many may feel this extra time is "wasteful" in some manner and try to just power through. Here's the thing about the mind- when it's time to process some stuff, it'll find a way for you to do so against your best efforts. While it may seem lovely to chat this stuff out with a friend to process this heavier stuff, the universal energies are asking for solitude so there will be no accidental confusion or harm.

This is a very heavy week in terms of energy. Appetites are likely to go either way- so respect the flow here (as odd as it may manifest: Grab that craving, eat 3 bites and save it for later, etc)... Be very gentle with yourself and others. Try to focus on staying mindful and keeping your energy to yourself as many need to FEEL their own energy instead of what they're told to feel. Don't get upset if you can't get certain personal goals completed this week- it's just not a "great week" for physical / societally based progress. 

Stagnation isn't an option, even if some pretend it is. Free yourself from your inner turmoil. It'll hurt at first, but the result will have you much happier. Understand humanity is doing its perceived "best," but to really be at a best, we must deal with the inner unrest bubbling. 

May your burdens be laid down this week and your soul be freed from inner torment.