Weekly Vibe Starting October 10, 2022 is The Sweet. 

The sweet is the energy of love, appreciation, and care. This is genuine kindness coming forward. A collective push toward being "better" or kinder people.

Many may start being more aware of their own actions this week. Considerations are rising in ways that have previously been dismissed. It's time to push into actions of LOVE and JOY; rather than, stifling ourselves for a miserable narrative. Are you ready to have a little more faith in the heart of humanity?

The Sweet may also be urging us to take note of the "cosmic love notes" left by the universe. This can be things like the gentle breeze on a day where it's just a bit too hot, spending time in the beautiful scenes of nature, or a physical meeting with another individual- able to speak on intimate matters or thoughts of the obscure. Love notes from the existence model can be many things- the most excellent taste experience, spending time with an animal, a good dream, or even just making ugly art on tuesday that you never show anyone. Existence will send you the personal NOTE you need this week to let you know it is SAFE to love and appreciate others fully.

Kindnesses will be seen and understood on a very strong level this week- don't be 'loving' for the sake of doing things, do it because you truly and honestly want better treatment all around. The aching soul has been showing the various pains of life; and while the consciousness feels the disgust of the treatment, understanding the stems of these pains will be the antidote for the poison. The first step of healing is knowing there's something to be healed, and then accepting an offer to do something different than the thing that harmed you in the first place. But you must know what harmed you, because otherwise, it's easy to accidently be harmed over again and again as you don't realize the sovereign disrespect, or worse, accept it as part of "life."

Something MINDFUL awakens. Perhaps you are also a sleeping giant waiting for the rise of cosmic love notes to act. The love is coming, perhaps only through humanity, perhaps through spirit or whatever circumstance shifts perspective. 

Humanity remembers its own humanity. It is a beautiful thing in a day of autonomy and "robotic" expectation. I hope your week is filled with beautiful blessings.