Did ya miss the Monthly Candle Readings? Fear not, I will do them as I feel drawn to do them. I was advised the past 2 months to actually withdraw and let it remain more "open" than usual. I was confronted with this reading with an intro of "You're early...

Candle Chosen : Natural Beeswax Undyed Candle.

Crystals Used : Golden Healer Quartz.

Oils Used : None

Herbs Used : Sage

This candle reading is going to just SKIM THE SURFACE of the main energy as this will be a big month with multiple things all going on at once. So brace up and get ready. AUGUST 2022 is going to be a doozy!

August will feel like 2020 all over again toward our headlines. Every day will carry its own challenge. This is your spiritual reminder to breathe and separate from media from time to time, so you can remove overwhelm. Seriously. Pay attention to your ability to take in information. When it becomes irritating or hopeless, it's time to pull away from the pain and seek local respites in parks and backyards. We can only hold so much, so make sure you take time to release the internal burdens built up. Also, let go of burdens that you have no power to help or change- Be open to just letting go of that odd encounter in the store, that last word you wish you had, or that odd article stating at this time in history, there is no way to get necessities without harming something in some shape or form.

Humans are seeking truth more than usual. Their personal truth is coming to the surface. The lies that have been used as weapons have had their blades dulled- and we've sharpened our mind enough to cut through them. With this strength comes understanding. Here's the kicker I left out though- this is HEAVY SHADOW WORK, so it's gonna hurt. Please remember to reach out or talk to someone when things get too heavy or find an outlet- be it a good cry, art, movement, nature, singing, etc. Medicine of this nature is bitter, but potent / necessary. Let yourself find truth and let yourself explore these PRIOR TO accepting them fully. Truth is like a braided rope that you need to pick out brambles of untruth from, and for some reason this rope got stuck in the bramble bucket of many untruths and concerns.

With such heaviness flowing, play is needed. Make sure you find time to play or experience things you enjoy. If you notice others are too stoic, you may want to invite them out for a fun day away from headlines, thoughts, and mundane stressors. The thing about this play is it can be anything, so if rain cancels your trip to the ocean, you can always enjoy a cozy tea party with the group you were going to go with. 

Event after event will have many people pent up. Stress is so high and heavy this month, mostly because of the pretending that life can go on like it did prior to 2016. It isn't working, we all feel it and are concerned. 

An opportunity to increase love is here, but the challenge we're going to face is FEAR, as is usual with this type of energy. So fear will be shown in several forms in hopes that the love will remain dormant, until it feels "safe" to love- the key is to love regardless of if it's safe or not. Love is the key, but fear is going to be the lock you're going to have to face. It's a tough month folks- so try your best to be kind to yourself, others, and life around you. 

So while it seems love is trying, we have fear kicking up a fit to take your attention. Just remember where you PAY attention is where you're going to feed your direction and vibe. Fear puts blocks, doors, time limits, and locks in front of you- while love gives you a new path, gives you a key, it can wait as long as you need, and leaves a note of appreciation for your presence. Let yourself open up to the potential love- it's going to seem opposite of the energy outside, but trust the energy that brings you the excitement toward life again, even if the news is painting "life is on fire" in their stories. 

Humanity needs to start pushing again toward life being a playground for everyone. Not just the algorythmically blessed ones (yes, this is both metaphorical and not in several ways). 

More possibilities are about to open up near month's end. Don't lose hope and please seek professional resources for mental / emotional help if needed. 

August is going to be like a big thunderstorm- while it may be difficult going through it, it waters the plants and removes dead matter/ pollen / humidity from the uprising misery. But if you just focus on the distraction of the thunder, the rain being a driving hazard, and the power outage- it'll just seem like badness. 

Your focus is key- keep it aligned with a mood you wish to keep, not one you've been put into through external sources. 

I hope you all have an eye-opening August~