This week's Vibe check has us looking at the Maze.

The maze shows several paths, not all lead to desired outcomes. This week has us making some important choices. The key is to follow your heart, if the heart is not directing you, you're going to get lost or frustrated!

Not every offer of food is something you're going to wish to eat, make sure the same of your other choices. If you're not feeling it- this is your sign to back up and consider your other options. This energy gives me a very clear mental picture, so here's your scene.

 You enter a restaurant you wish to try- it feels chaotic and the smell in the restaurant is a bit off-putting. You can leave or stay- if your heart is NOT in it, this is your reminder to LEAVE prior to ordering a meal. One may find themselves needing to adjust to life's shifts more than actually refusing the experience. Perhaps a different day you can return; when it feels more normal and exciting for your spirit. Sometimes the day of their Fifty Cent Fish Friday will not be the day to pop in and order bar food. Keep this in mind, as timing or situation may have us all a bit surprised.

This is not necessarily a week of dead ends- but it can feel that way. Things may not lead to any form of clear result, give it time. Impatience is your enemy within this maze. Explore the corridors and potential paths- you may just find a valuable asset tucked away. This is a week to make peace with uncertainty. Sometimes it's better to just let things unfold instead of trying to plan out the path- because knowing the way in a maze takes the fun out of it

This is also the signal to NOT take a chainsaw into this maze. You're going to scare the other maze goers and ruin their fun. Do not force processes, ideas, or circumstances- especially, if they're not quite falling into place. This is an IDEAL week to take a break or participate in activities which hold no clear "right or wrong.

Those of you who've been SHADOW WORKING these past 2 years- you may find yourself becoming guides for those who need help through this maze. Be open to assisting those who may not be familar with the territory they explore- no need to spoil the maze, just offer guidance if asked. Should or shouldn't will be a matter left up to the heart of the individual.

Because of the nature of this week- people are going to be more frustrated than usual. With things not going "smoothly/predictably" there's bound to be some harsh words, drama, and moodiness. If you're not up to the task of being around others; don't force the connection nor offer it until you are. 

I hope you all enjoy your time in the maze this week! Good luck~