Alrightie then.

As I've already announced on other social media, I have returned to my hometown. I will be reading again on Thursdays at Ascended Gifts. Otherwise, readings will remain available on the website. 

I have paused the tea and candle readings. There are just certain limitations coming through: the hoops needed to be jumped through would be too high. When this shifts back into doable, I will make an announcement. Shifting attention: when it comes to weekly content and "demo readings" I've been doing for years. I think I'm just going to allow that to fall aside, unless I find a better reason to resume it. Trying to feel good about investing my energy into an algorithm void isn't worthwhile. I'd rather just post heres and theres of collective energy or find something a bit less "structured/ time-based" to share on social media. It's just too much work for one person.  

It's been a ROUGH month for EVERYONE. So please remember to remain compassionate and aware of how overwhelmed you may become. Take the breaks you need to unwind. December will be easier for those who remain MINDFUL of how their creation affects those around them: Words, emotions, and intent. 

I'm very glad to be back. I feel a lot happier than I have in a long time and have been feeling the energy return to me. Emotionally, while I'm not quite 100% I'd say it's a journey rather than a destination at this point- especially with so much working against happiness in this age.  And I'll also say, taking a significant break in social media has also done good things for my mental health.

ADVERTISING : As always the January 2023 Reading and the Yearly Reading are best bought early to ensure delivery BEFORE Month's start. With such holidays and social obligations coming up: try to order a YEARLY within a week of the new year, while Ordering before the 28th would be ideal for the January 2023- just to give a grace period in there. 

While there's been a few clear lessons in the path, it's been a good time of realizing what matters. 

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season, and finds what they need this year given to them in abundance.