Hello everyone and happy new year!

I've been enjoying the sudden boost in beautiful weather in my area. I hope you have also found joy in the nature that's been offered this season. 

I have come to the conclusion that this year, my focus is "Everything is temporary," so when asked what my long term plans are- I'm leaving them aside for a year to allow more freedom. I will do what I please in a way the allows for openness, and hopefully not need to cycle or loop to achieve desired results. Looking at the algorithms- not people or anything specific. I don't wish to grind endlessly for a following, nor do I wish to extend my energy to futility. I have made posts for years with pittance interactions- it just feels like a waste of time for everyone now.

Reality is my current focus. What can be done to open it, change it, and influence it. It's been an interesting process- but overall it's all about self control and how you can shift your own eperience. Creativity, imagination, and belief are the easiest mental and emotional influences- make sure you're not overloading them with pointless or painful information that saps all your energy. ;)

So for the time being, I will be offering live readings at the shop on Thursdays. I will have cards and I'm going to start bringing the mini candles with me as well, as am unable to conduct them for an online setting with life circumstances. 

This year has a very clear "unknown" set for me, so I am keeping everything "up in the air" until that unknown passes or creates the path for me. 

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and patronage of my shop / social medias.