So while I've been working in the world outside of Etsy, I have had some ideas come through. I'll be hosting a few IRL events weekly to help others on their path feel more of themselves and less of others. 

The first event is the Energy Play Time on Thursdays. This is a time where those who join are encouraged to feel their own energy, and if they feel confident enough, they can feel someone else's through an energy ball. This is all in good fun. Beginners to advanced levels are welcome to enjoy this free time to play with energy. 

Afterward we will hold space for NOTHING so we can all unwind, adjust, and integrate the lessons of the energy for the day. NOTHING is open so if people wish to continue their energy work quietly, they may or if they wish to meditate / take notes on their experience. Nothing also welcomes those who just need space to be away from others so they can do what they need- be it meditation, reading, or simply enjoying a moment of no expectation. 

Thursdays from 11AM until 11:30 = Energy Play in the Wellness Center

Thursdays 11:30 AM until Noon = NOTHING at the Wellness Center

Thursdays Noon until 6PM = Walk in Readings at the Retail Shop

Saturdays Nothing will also be held under the careful watch of Margot for those who need a different day to enjoy "nothing." 

Both of these are FREE and open to the public to join. 

We do ask that if you join us for NOTHING- that you are not on your phone or engage in any vocal conversations for the sake of others who may need quiet time. 

Thank you for reading!

I hope others become inspired to hold spaces for NOTHING!