So as some of you may know, I'm taking a few gentle steps forward. 

Thursday : March 16 marks the day of seeing how it pays off. Energy Play Time and Nothing will be available for the public to participate in at the physical shop front. These are free events as : We need more free options AND Nothing is held space, not any teachings or lectures to concern oneself with. We only ask during NOTHING that one sets aside their phone and remain respectful / quiet for others. Afterward, (noon and afterward*) you're welcome to mingle if you must. There is NO set guidelines for the Energy Play Time, so each session will vary depending on the participants and if any questions are raised during the half hour of work. 

Margot is going to host Nothing every 3rd Saturday in her own way, but it will still have the same requirements of respect / quiet time. We both realize how people need the option to have a SAFE, QUIET space to practice their gifts, and this is our gift to those people. 

After the Energy Play Time and Nothing , I will be doing readings at the retail shop next door if you wish to stop in. Every 15 minute reading will cost $40. 

I'm hoping this new cycle is sustainable and uplifting for those who decide to join. 

Thank you for your continued interest and reading of my blog!