I feel like an update is in order.

Tuesdays? : For now, I'm coming in on a temporary basis on Tuesdays. I have no idea how long for. Thank you for understanding on behalf of the other reader. She will return in time, so feel free to wait for her if your reading needs aren't urgent. 

Readings are $40 per 15 minutes. I offer candle channeling, tarot, & oracle options. 

Thursdays : Energy Education and play starts at 11AM and lasts until 11:30AM as it can be draining to use one's energy for too long. This is a BODY and SPIRIT class so one may move gently with their energy, rather than needing to exercise vigorously. There's a lot of stretching and gentle moving which can be done by all activity levels. 

 Afterward, we have a cool down / wind down of NOTHING (advertised above) from 11: 30AM until Noon.  Nothing is held space so one may "zone out," ground, or just exist without expectation. Come in. Exist. Leave. 

There is no cost to EITHER of these Thursday activities as you will only get out of it what you invest into it. 

We only request that those that join us for NOTHING will remain quiet during the duration of the held space. We also ask that phones are not the main focus of your NOTHING time as we're trying to ground and allow for less stimuli. 

I am also offering readings which are $40 per 15 minutes at the shop


Voidal Healing $50 a session (around 20 minutes) You must ASK for VOIDAL work or you will be redirected to reiki (not me*). 

Readings and Voidal Healings are available from NOON until 6PM whenever I'm the available reader at the shop. 

Saturdays : I am merely shop keeping. If you wish to meet a reader and ask questions, please feel free to drop by on SATURDAY. Please be mindful that the flow of attention can only flow so freely in this setting- so time or customer traffic may not always allow for this option to be lengthy. When I am shopkeeping, you can always ask questions or request potential classes (like tea leaf reading) if you are seeking specific informations. 


Thank you for reading up on my IRL updates. 


I've let my advertising go a new direction of "weird" because no one was looking at normal anyways. We shall see how this goes. 

The shop's prices will remain as is as there seems to be a good flow / balance. 

Other Updates : 

I am having a lot of life shifts at the moment. I am doing my best to do what I can, but I am only a single individual living with the unsurmountable horror of 2023 daily. Thank you for not pressing further into my business about that.