How did this week go? It was fascinating. My energy seemed to be confronted with a lot of strangeness this week. Those that realize my "definition" for strangeness are concerned already. 

Strangeness I noticed the week of April 9-15 : Volatility has been up. People are just not in the mood to compromise or seem to push every button in a masterfully irritating way. Appetite increase, but there are potential other factors in that mix. Weather, need I say much more? Easily ungrounded vibes. Spirit messages / visits feel more potent / closer than usual. Disappointments and accidents seem more likely. Frustration is high for those that struggle with patience and rest.

So what lessons came from this : First and foremost, The only energy one can control is oneself. Sometimes the energy will refuse to move or budge, it's best to back up and re-assess than to attempt to force as a first option. NEXT lesson, listen when you hear direction or have a nudge to do something, because it may be helpful later. Another lesson is to allow others to bloom and assist when available. 

Where it ended up. Cemetery. Went exploring for a bit as a friend wanted to visit a specific individual. It was a success and I'm very glad to have been a part of that. Strength has been acknowledged in ways that needed a test to know the extent of the abilities coming forth. The balance between myself and others is becoming more clear to me and it's actually rather nice to know where my energy is exalted in supportive roles. 

So the future- this week's going's ons.


Readings at Ascended Gifts Retail Shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be available starting at Noon until 6PM. (Tarot, Oracle, and / or Candle) 

Voidal Working is available at Ascended Gifts on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday but must be requested between the hours of NOON until 5PM. Either side of the shop / wellness center will know who to get, so feel free to ask where it's least crowded. (Aura Cleanse)

Energy Play at 11AM Thursday in the Ascended Gifts WELLNESS Center until 11:30AM (Come play)

Nothing at 11:30 AM Thursday until NOON in the Ascended Gifts WELLNESS Center (Designated time for rest / NOTHING)


The Monthly Reading is Available for May 2023! Please feel free to order it prior to April 27th to ensure delivery by May 1st. 

There is a desire to update the demo images of the reading options in the shop. This will occur when a specific opening of energy becomes available. Demo Images for reading listings to be updated. Especially, if no other reading, the MONTHLY readings need a revamp. 


There's also a lingering chaotic feel. There are no guarantees of where the day leads, so while these are my intents, I may not follow through in a timely manner. I'd rather just keep people updated as I prepare to shift things.