Just showing the new Advertising made this week. Please feel free to join us for Nothing on Thursdays at 11:30AM or the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:30AM. It literally is NOTHING- we just offer a space of "no expectation" beyond quiet time / study hall. Perfect for those that STRUGGLE with Meditation- this is the PREQUEL WORK to meditating. Yes, really. Nothing is the mental space needed to unwind enough to even get to meditation. Sometimes Nothing is you working out your internal dialogue, chatting with guides telepathically, or detaching from all conversation to relax. (It doesn't matter, just don't disturb / chat with others verbally during this time). Money is not required / expected for this observance.

Anyways. So. I did not anticipate the amount of STRANGENESS the last 2 weeks have brought right to me. I didn't even need to look to find it! It found me all on its own. Like a lost puppy, the strangeness found me and decided to interact. It's been surreal my dudes. 

The messages about Mercury RX I've received but never recorded online : The lies you told when mercury was direct will come to haunt you during the rx, so this reeks of backlash to those who've been less than honest recently. Some of you, that have been twisting truths will be rudely shaken to be fully forthcoming. Issues toward spirit interaction will be more prevelant, So this has already manifested in some ways, and somehow I seem to be a voice for spirit to be like "We can fix this by..." or to bestow information about spirits. It's been kinda weird and eye opening, especially toward how people actually try to interact with spirit. Lots of new lessons on how best to work with, honor, and communicate with spirits have been coming through. 

Also. I became way busier than I anticipated the last few weeks. Eventual updates coming, but for now, I'm embracing the chaos as it comes. I just feel like trying to control the tide, only makes it harder to enjoy the experience of being at the water source. I only participate in flows when they come, not when I feel pressured. 

My artistic side has also been coming out to play more often. Certain ideas are coming to life or energies have been "asking" for representation in a drawn form. It's interesting to say the least. Sometimes a recipe comes to me like that now. 

I tend to do online orders on the days I'm not working IRL if possible, so my wait times are a bit more lax (aligned more with the wait times listed, not the few hours to the next day delivery I was doing before.) 

Tea reading classes will be scheduled once a needed environmental shift takes place. The candle, tea, and past life reading will also be restored upon the specific environmental shift. I'm waiting just as much as y'all. I will restore them once I have a bit more of my old freedoms again. It's coming. 

Anyways, enough rambling!

I hope you all have an enjoyable May!